Prairie State Veterinary Clinic

100 Ravinia Place
Orland Park, IL 60462


Top Ten Reasons to Try Our Clinic:

10. We play really diverse and great music in our clinic.
 9.  We will be glad to make you a cup of the world's best coffee if you ask; Door County Lighthouse Blend.
 8.  Dr. Fleming's income is not much dependent upon the clinic much anymore (the kids are all grown up and moved out -this empty nest thing is OK!.....we traded the kids for two great dogs!). The monthly practice income only has to support the staff, pay the bills which the clinic generates (utilities, taxes, lab fees, drug fees, insurance, etc.) and purchase some  new equipment as needed. We are not under pressure to generate large fees to cover our costs; just enough to keep the doors open and enjoy practice. Also it is important to us for you to know that our staff veterinarians are not paid on commission, which is now the norm nationwide. 

 7.  Dr. Fleming has been practicing for 37 years and knows how to help people decide what is the best course of treatment for both them and their pet. We can handle about 98 - 99% of the cases that come through our doors. 
6.  Prairie State Veterinary Clinic will be 29 years old in 2018.
5.  Prairie State enjoys excellent relationships with a number of specialists in Chicagoland and we are a clinic who will offer you a referral early on in the workup of your pet instead of trying this or that, visit after visit,  to see what works. If you choose not to go to a specialist rest assured that we will continue to research your pet's problem by talking to specialists, by using our good old textbooks and by using VIN (VIN = Veterinary Information Network). We pay a good bit of money each month to be online with VIN which is the world's largest  discussion group of veterinarians. We often discuss problems with specialists in the US, Austrailia, England, Sweden, Canada, etc. Also we are fortunate to have on staff a board certified internist - Dr. Frank Norton.

4.  We enjoy developing long term relationships with our clients. Many become like family. We are now starting to treat the pets of many of my client's children and those of at least some of our client's grandchildren. The average client stays with a veterinary practice for about 3.5 years. We have many many clients who go back to l985 with us.
3.  Our reputation, and how we perceive the level of care that we offer, mean more to us than how much income is generated each day.
2.  At this point in time I can honestly say that I have one of the best staffs that a veterinarian could be blessed with. They are super-competent and really do care about you and your pet. I think I am always just one step ahead of them but I am just kidding myself. They are the ones who make this place successful.
 1. We will always treat you and your pet the way we would want to be treated if we were in your clinic.