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Pre-Anesthesia Testing Prior to Surgery or Teeth Cleanings

The young kid

   29 August 2015. I could write a chapter on the pros and cons of preanesthetic testing prior to surgery or a teeth cleaning. For some years we have made a blood test mandatory for pets undergoing anesthesia. I have had a paradigm shift and thus our clinic will no longer make a blood test mandatory for anesthesia. We still highly recommend blood testing, especially for animals around 7 and 8 years old and older, but will no longer make a test mandatory. This decision will be made by the pet's owner. Two other preanesthetic tests that we have made available (at a low cost) to our clients over the years are an EKG and a chest radiograph. In our experience close to 100% of our clients choose a blood test; approximately 20% choose to have a pre-op EKG and about 3-5% elect to have a chest radiograph. Client cost for a CBC and preop chemistry test is approximately 87 dollars and the fee for an EKG or a chest radiograph are similarly priced. All of these tests can be done on the day the pet is brought in for the surgery. In human medicine the standard is currently a blood test and an EKG.