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Blood Club

Meet Smalls who needed a couple of transfusions last year

Very few clinics have blood on hand for use RIGHT NOW. That is embarrassing for our profession, but like most things in veterinary medicine, this fact is dictated by economics, i.e. money. We decided in 2012 to start having blood on hand. To make a long story short, this is a very expensive undertaking. Every month we have to discard any unused blood (down the drain - yikes!) to the tune of close to 400 dollars. We believe, however, that to practice at the level we want to practice, we needed to take this step.To help offset the cost, over 100 clients have signed up for our Blood Club at 30 dollars per year. If their dog needs blood there will be no cost for the blood, otherwise the cost of a blood transfusion for a non-club member is around 300 dollars per bag. In the past we have used our technician's large dogs or drove to Aurora to purchase blood from a large referral hospital that (usually) has blood that other clinics can buy. We feel neither of these alternatives is appropriate any longer. If we get up to 200 members then the yearly cost will drop even lower. Even if we had no members our plan was to take this step and keep blood on hand on site. We have outstanding clients and only we know how much they are appreciated. We have had people who use other clinics ask about joining, but that creates too much confusion and we've had to decline; this is limited to our clients only.