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Keep Gorilla Glue away from kids and pets!

Dear Readers,

There is a very dangerous product out there and few people are aware of the danger. Those in danger the most are dogs and children. Last Saturday morning in the clinic we saw a 14 month old puppy who, several hours earlier, had eaten ½ of a small 2 ounce bottle of Gorilla Glue. Even if she had been able to read she probably could not have seen the warning on the back of the bottle, you almost need a magnifying glass to read the warning: "Warning - Keep out of reach of children and animals. Harmful or fatal if swallowed".  Fatal means "death".

After our last client was seen Saturday, we took Zoe to surgery. When I first felt her stomach my biggest concern was that the large mass, which started out as just 30 cc of liquid, would be completely adhered to the whole lining of the stomach. Fortunately, it wasn't or she would have been history. Through a small incision in the stomach I was able to break up some of the material, as seen in the photo below, but 90% of the material remained as a rock-solid mass. A fairly large incision allowed us to finally extract the bulk of the material. Zoe was an excellent little dog to work with and Sunday afternoon we sent her home.

I've been in a number of different stores since that surgery and have been surprised to see Gorilla Glue sold everywhere, I've never noticed it before. What really scares me to death is what would happen if a child ate this stuff. I can easily imagine someone working with the glue at their kitchen table and walking away for a second to answer the phone or doorbell while their 3- year old grandson comes along behind them and takes a swig. After all, the packaging looks like a kid's cartoon and one client I talked to about this said he had heard that the glue tasted sweet to dogs, maybe it tastes sweet to kids too, I don't know. One thing I do know is that there is a lot of slick advertising all over the front of the bottle and in very large pictures and letters. I'll send a copy of my letter along to the Gorilla Glue Company in Cincinnati and ask if they could not find a spot on the front of the box to put a warning statement as large as the "Fast Cure" advertisement.