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Chronic Skin Conditions. 

    Owners of dogs with chronic skin conditions come in two types; those who just want a quick look-over, a shot and some pills and a low bill, and those who want a more in-depth evaluation. Many in the second category come to us looking for a second opinion. Fortunately, in the past few years, a number of new treatment options have come into play which allow us to do much more for our pets than before. Unfortunately, for scheduling purposes, it has become difficult for us to spend the necessary time with the second group of clients and stay on schedule in our busy clinic. Therefore, we have decided to offer an extended dermatology exam/evaluation/education office visit for those who desire a university-level discussion with a veterinarian with a special interest in skin diseases. We are not dermatologists but we do have a special interest in skin diseases. The extended exam will give you one hour with us and we have selected Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays to offer this service. Our extended derm exam will consist of: answering your questions, taking a derm history, discussing the pros and cons of allergy testing, discussing the Respit system wherein the allergy testing is eliminated, discussing the proper use of Omega fatty acids, discussing the proper use of glucocorticoids, discussing the use of cyclosporine and Atopica, discussing the proper use of shampoos and strategic rinsing schedules, atopy, discussing food allergies and the proper diagnosis of same, discussing phytosphingosine use, both in shampoo form and in topical form, discussing the pros and cons of antihistamines, performing both superficial and deep skin scrapings for cytological analysis, performing skin cytology for evidence of superficial bacterial and/or yeast dermatitis and performing a skin culture for Mallazia sp. and other yeast infections, and recommendations for a treatment. For more information call the desk and ask about an appointment for an extended derm exam.