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Degenerative Joint Disease / Osteoarthritis Treatment

Low Level Laser Light Therapy

Current Thoughts On Treating Chronic Pain and Osteoarthritis

(This is a list of possible treatments).

  1. Weight Loss - a MOST important consideration. Your foundation! If calorie restriction for 30 days does not help we can prescribe a dog-specific appetite suppressant.

  2. Mild to moderate exercise

  3. Glucosamine and Chondroitin for the remainder of your pet's life. The best product that we are aware of is Dasuquin. If you purchase cheaper products from Costco,etc.  you need to know that the chondroitin is  high molecular weight and the body cannot absorb that form well. It is an expensive process to produce low mol. wt. products but giving high molecular weight products is a poor use of financial resources. 
  4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil). See us for new dosing recommendations. 

  5. NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). Do not use aspirin, Aleve, Ibuprofen, Motrin, etc. Use only a veterinary-approved product to help prevent GI bleeding. The veterinary products are designed to protect the dog's GI tract.

          6. Tramadol. An Opiod. Can be used concurrently with NSAIDS and other modalities.

          7. Amantadine. An NMDA antagonist. Treats "windup".

          8. TPEMF (Targeted Pulse Electromagnetic Field) therapy. Modulates calcium/calmodulin cascade to decrease


          9. LLLLT (Low level laser light therapy). Increases endogenous endophins, stimulates accupuncture points, induces antiinflammatory effects, slows pain signal transmission through small m-fibers, better cell-to-cell communication.

         10. Microlactin (Duralactin).  A patented milk-derived protein that inhibits migration of inflammatory cells.

         11. Velvet Elk Antler (Canadian Vet. Journal 2004, Vol.45 No.2 pp.133-39). Muscle-building effect. Stronger muscles protect an arthritic joint.

         12.  Gabapentin. Decreases neuropathic pain.

         13.  Adequan - an injectable drug that has been approved by the FDA to  allow the claim that this product slows down further joint degradation. Great product.

         14.  Tylenol - can be used in dogs. Never in cats!! Do not use without talking to a vet for proper dose.

         15.  Prozac/Elavil (anxiolytics) or a tranquilizer such as acepromazine - allows the dog to "think less about their pain.

         16.  Massage therapy or water treadmill therapy, physical therapy and/or acupuncture. We can refer you to a vet that offers these.

         17.  Heat packs (104 - 109 degrees) several times daily. Heated bed is a nice touch. Never use heating pads.


  NOTE: If you yourself have chronic back or joint pain, I encourage you to Google: Roberta Chow Neck

  Pain Laser (all five words) and listen to Dr. Chow, a physician from Austrailia. Her publication in

  The Lancet shows excellent pain relief in people without surgery using LLLLT.